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Nine years ago, I began the work of making strength training accessible to folks who are typically not welcome or invited onto the platform. Ground Up Barbell Club began as a free, small-group training club for folks to learn safe and efficient form and programming, with a focus on challenging and celebrating what our bodies are capable of no matter the body type. It remained in operation completely free of charge until 2019, when the model was shifted to a no-to-low cost rate for small group instruction and I began offering sliding scale 1:1 coaching and access to more equipment. In 2020, I lost my sources of income and began to rely on the gym and coaching to sustain me. I upgraded to a larger space, purchased more equipment, constructed a lifting platform and Ground Up Barbell Club evolved into the space you know today.


Since starting, I've introduced countless people to the world of strength training, watched many people develop a relationship to the work and their bodies, coached folks into new levels of strength, and made a lot of friends along the way.


Ground Up Barbell Club is open to all but centers trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming folks and cis women.

About the gym

The indoor gym space is located in a small three seasons room. The entrance is down a short, quiet alley and through a locked, gated patio. The space is air conditioned in the summer and has space heaters available in the winter. There is an air purifier and a simple but effective air circulation system. Masks are required inside, unless you're lifting alone.

The gym is equipped with:

  • sturdy, shock absorbent lifting platform

  • powerhouse rack

  • 700+ pounds of plates (including bumper plates and standard plates)

  • variety of barbells (Olympic, standard, curl bar, training bar)

  • lifting chalk

  • weightlifting bench

  • kettlebells (9lbs - 62lbs; two of each)

  • pull up bar

  • resistance bands

  • dumbbells (10lbs - 30lbs)

  • Bose wireless Bluetooth speaker

Outdoor lifting is possible in the semi-private patio area. The outdoor lifting platform can be covered for shade or rain. There are garden lights and clamp lights available and fans in warmer weather.

The patio contains:

  • two squat stands

  • sturdy, shock absorbent lifting platform

  • 300+ pounds of standard plates

  • variety of barbells (Olympic, standard, curl bar, training bar)

  • weightlifting bench

If needed, equipment located inside can be brought outside.




I'm a trans woman, an April Aries, and when I'm not on the lifting platform I'm behind a drum set. I've been picking up heavy things and putting them back down for almost two decades. I've been teaching other people how to do that for over 10 years. I feel most comfortable as an educator and find joy in making the world of strength accessible. I'm just as surprised as my mom that I turned my hobby into a fulfilling career! I've never been one for sports, but I believe this work to be important, and I find meaning and value in it.


My favorite snacks are Goldfish and Swedish Fish.

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