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Lifting or Kettlebell Coaching

$30-80 per session

Virtual or IRL

60 min sessions with individual attention, specialized programming, and plenty of guidance. Offering training in barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and body weight exercises.

Group Sessions

$75-200 for a 5 week cycle

IRL only

My favorite! Every year I teach a few rounds basic skills trainings. These were created so that after completing the full program you're ready to lift on your own! These are great for beginners and for intermediate lifters who would like to learn more about programming.

2:1 Coaching

$20-60 per person, per session

Virtual or IRL

Working out with a friend or partner is always fun! All the features of 1:1 sessions, except the timing is a little different to accommodate two lifters.

coach group 2:1

Form Assessment

$30-80 per session

Virtual or IRL

Are you targeting the muscles you intend to? Should you drop your hips in your dead lift? Is your bench tracking correctly?  Let's talk about it! Having an experienced set of eyes check your form can increase efficiency and increase the gains.

Personal Open Gym Time

$0-10 for up to two hours

at my gym in West Philly

You never have to wait for the bench again! Solo access to a private, climate controlled gym space, weights, chalk, a variety of barbells, kettlebells, pull up bar, resistance bands,  dumbbells, water, tea, and Bluetooth speaker.

Personalized Programming

$30-80 per hour

Virtual or IRL

A unique and exclusive training plan that's tailored to your needs. We'll talk about your current efforts, your goals, and your time frame, and we'll work together to create a personalized plan. Add this to the Form Assessment for a super combo.

Let's start having fun!

form open program
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